Tom’s Auto Body and Service Center has been a family-owned business since 1985.  Tom Barkley, Sr. was formerly a patrolman in Spring City, PA.  He grew up around cars and began to do auto body repair and painting out of his home garage to earn a little extra income. Eventually, he rented a bay in the rear of the current location from a former owner of the business and his business began to grow.  In 1985, the former owner of the business announced that he was selling the business. He offered Tom the opportunity to buy him out.  At the time, Tom and his family were building a home in Limerick. Tom realized that this was an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up and he took on the challenge.  This smart move marked the beginning of a decades-old prospering business that has served the community with pride.

Tom’s son, Tom Jr., got his training in auto body technology at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA and returned to work in the business.  Daughter Brigitte Deoria was a hair stylist in town and helped out on Fridays at the shop doing the books for her Dad.  Gradually she increased her involvement and eventually took on full administration of the business.  Dad passed away in 2008, and Brigitte and Tom continue to run the family business with quality, service and pride.  It is this personal involvement, experience and commitment that backs the service you’ll get at Tom’s Auto Body and Service Center.  We look forward to working with you!

Brigitte and Tom